About us

Many of us have experienced the long but fruitless search for someplace where you can get a good quality massage. Where the people really care about the experience they provide, and are properly trained to take care of your needs.

Search no more . . . . A good massage. Great people who know how to take care of you. Surroundings which are not only clean, but bring you into another world of calmness and relaxation. Discover A Touch Spa


The People

We are a small set-up, with a small team of about 10 professional staff, clearly focused on delivering a high quality experience each and every time you come to us. As such, we do not cater for clients who are interested in having a large pool of ‘boys' to choose from, or those who want to constantly try new ‘boys'. Our staff are also generally more matured [mid to late 20s] and articulate - sensitive to your preferences and sensitivities - no ‘himbos' here!

We do have a Staff Gallery, which can only be accessedd by our subscribers.

You will certainly not find anyone offering you extra services in exchange for 'tips'.(errr. . . let us know if you discover one). Providing extra or sexual services is not part of the job-description for masseurs.

The Place

We run a small operation with only a small number of rooms. So, it is never busy. But it means you should book in advance.

Some rooms are large enough for two persons or couples, with private gardens. And yet others are large enough for small classes of eight. Each have independent air-conditioning units allowing you optimal comfort to suit your own preference.

There are also Wet Treatment Rooms for body scrubs, Wet & Dry Treatment Rooms for combination treatments and rituals.

The remaining rooms are comfortably sized for one person, for just plain massage.

You will discover the fun of showering in the 'open air' as all our showers are open air. The communal shower has a 'kampung feel', complete with the noises of the noises of the neighbours, TV, radio, arguments, cooking, the works!

The reception area is discreetly separated from the post-treatment area so you do not have to mingle with arriving guests. You will find the place cosy and comfortable, without pretensions. There is also a lounge where you can just chill-out with a drink or a snack, read or chat.

Our emphasis is clean and comfortable with lots of privacy. The bubble and gurgle of running water is always present in the background, mingled with interesting contemporary music. No muzak here!

The Mood

The pictures give you a feel for the place. The low light levels, the sound of running water, the smells, the music and the feeling of breezy moving air, together with the treatment makes you immediately relax with a sigh and forget the world outside. Well, at least for an hour or so. .

Operating hours and place.

We open from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm . We operate 7 days a week all year round - except for about 3 days a year when we all go away on our annual trip.



Contact us

23C Jalan Desa Jaya
Taman Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +60 3 7981 0136
Email : info@atouch.com.my