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Urut Melayu (*includes UB)


For relief of tired, sore, stiff or aching muscles, go for the traditional remedy of traditional Malay massage. A traditional healing massage developed and passed down from generation to generation in our kampungs. This treatment of deep therapeutic massage will work the knots and aches out of your muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Balinese Relaxation

60-90 min

This massage is based on Balinese style massage technique. Bali having benefited from the influence of various cultures both eastern as well as western. Similarly, the Balinese style massage is a composite of the best techniques and movements from a whole range of different regional as well as European techniques. It employs medium to firm pressure and rhythmic movements to help you completely relax It will relax tight and tired muscles while stimulating blood circulation to the muscles.



Lomi Lomi

60-90 min

Succumb to the long continuous, flowing strokes of this massage from Polynesia . Derived from a tradition of healing the body and the spirit, it is one of the most relaxing massage available. It works gently yet deeply into the muscles using fluid, rhythmic motion in continuous, flowing strokes using the forearms as well as the hands. Just relax, give in and simply be.


Sentuhan Relaxation  

60-90 min

Sentuhan Sensual

60-90 min

This may be described as an intense sensual massage. The massage is designed to really heighten the level of sensitivity to the sensual touch. Smoothly changing from one position to the next, from one movement to the next, combined with warmed aromatic oils, the therapist will lead you through a series of pleasurable and sensual encounters. It will leave you limp and pleasantly spent and relaxed.

NOTE: We do not do any extra services! Just massage.

* - Urut Batin [ manhood Massage]

This traditional form of massage for men can be found through the Malay Archipelago in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is suppose to improve the functioning of the male genitalia as well as the male libido. Traditionally this massage is done by the kampong ‘pak cik’.